Surfing fans, going through stages of mourning, wonder if Bobby Martinez could receive a wildcard for Tahiti Pro in case John John Florence does not arrive on time!

Swing for the fences!

US Open Surfing must approach its end although, metaphorically, could extend to eternity. Wonderful, because I could eternally revel in the joys of Huntington Beach, but also I would like to know who will be crowned champion. This has given us many worthy champions, including recent Hall of Fame inductee Brett Simpson, Kanoa Igarashi, Shane Beschen, Rob Machado, and Sage Erickson.

And the last in the list, a beautiful flower with fierce competitive spiritrecently let all the dreamers out there know how to hit a home run in the love department.

Erickson is currently engaged in a relationship with Daniel Norris who happens to be a Major League Baseball player and even the uneducated surfer knows Major League Baseball can get craaaaaaaaaaaazy.

Norris, a left-handed relief pitcher for the Chicago Cubs, has been among the greats since 2014 and is making $1.75 million this year according to spotrac and while that’s a lot, Juan Soto, who was just traded to the San Diego Padres, recently turned down $440 million because he can definitely earn more.

Imagine winning $440 million.

Better, imagine walking out with $440 million.

But how?

Well, Erickson just revealed the right thing. By The New York Post:

A chance DM slip has resulted in a stable relationship between two professional athletes. Sage Erickson, a 31-year-old surfer, and Daniel Norris, a veteran Cubs left-handed reliever, have been dating for about a year and a half.

“He’s just amazing,” Erickson told E! News earlier this week. “We actually met on Instagram when Instagram suggested three people to follow while browsing and he was one of them.”

Erickson revealed she followed Norris on the platform as a suggestion from the algorithm, then took the plunge to slip into his DMs when she saw he posted a picture of a board of surfing.

“I love it and I love that we’re both athletes and that we can relate to what we’re going through,” Erickson said. “We understand the long distance very well. We understand the wins and losses and the ups and downs and stay positive and we’re both probably a little crazy at this point in our sports and trying to adapt and stay on it.

The classic DM slide.

are you going to use?

Which baseball player is on your radar?

Go ahead, slugger.

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