Terrifying footage of a huge 9ft shark with ‘intimidating’ teeth that washed up on a US beach after 6 attacks in two weeks

HORRIFYING footage shows a 9ft sand tiger shark washed up along the US coast.

The sighting of the beast with “intimidating teeth” comes after at least six shark attacks were reported along part of the coast, all within weeks.


Shark sightings have been on the rise lately in northeastern parts of the US (file photo)Credit: Atlantic White Shark Conservancy
Max Haynes, 16, was surfing with friends off Long Island when a dangerous beast bit his right foot in late July


Max Haynes, 16, was surfing with friends off Long Island when a dangerous beast bit his right foot in late JulyCredit: Max Haynes

A man said he found the shark around 7 a.m. on July 28 in Longport, New Jersey.

He shared Pictures of the massive beast and says he called the police, who brought in a truck to remove the giant shark.

“It was pretty easy to locate, considering it was huge,” the unidentified man told the Philly Voice.

“I just got closer and noticed that one side of the shark looked a little more gruesome.”

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One of the photos obtained by voice shows that the shark had a large gash on its belly, exposing its organs.

“There must have been about 20 birds eating some of the remains that were next to the shark,” the man said.

Several marine biologists told The Voice that the carcass was either a sand tiger or a gray nurse shark.

A spokesperson for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries said these sharks are common in the northeastern United States and New Jersey.

“They look intimidating with their teeth, but they’re pretty docile sharks.

“In fact, it’s a popular shark in aquariums because of its fierce looks and because it does well in captivity.”

None of the shark attacks in the three states this summer have been fatal.

The first was on June 30, when a man in his 50s was bitten on his right foot while swimming at Jones Beach on Long Island in Nassau County.

Shawn Donnelly, 41, was knocked off his surfboard when a sand tiger shark attacked off Smith Point Beach on July 13.

He ended up with a four-inch gash in his leg.

Donnelly revealed that he punched the shark to fend off the beast.

He told NBC New York: “He grabbed my left calf and knocked me off my board… when I was falling off my board I saw the fin and his back.”

A 49-year-old tourist from Arizona was attacked by a shark at Seaview Beach on the same day.

Police said “the shark came from behind and bit him on the left wrist and buttocks.”

John Mullins, 17, who was taking part in lifeguard training, was attacked by a shark on July 7.

Lifeguard Zach Gallo, 33, was also bitten while performing training drills at Smith Point Beach on July 3.

Last month, a great white shark carcass washed up on a beach in Quogue Village. It was 7 to 8 feet long.

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Sightings and attacks have led to the closure of several south shore beaches in recent weeks.

“Climate change certainly plays a role […] especially in the sightings we’re seeing this year and last year,” said Chris Paparo of the South Fork Natural History Museum’s shark research team.

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