The Guitar Center Holiday Gift Guide: Everything You Need To Treat Yourself This Holiday Season


Christmas is just around the corner, which means it’s officially the season to treat yourself to some new guitar gear and six strong goodies that will keep your playing running in the New Year.

If you fancy starting 2022 with a brand new slung electric guitar and a new acoustic guitar in your lap, or if you’re in the market to upgrade your arsenal of amps and accessories, look no further than Guitar. Center.

From Fender to Gibson, Boss to Mesa Boogie, the biggest names in the industry are all available at Guitar Center, which also offers a line of luxury, limited-edition electrics, specialty guitar amps, and a line of pedal-powered pedals. effects that encourage you to push the limits of your game.

Read on for a roundup of the 12 essential gifts that we think should be on your radar if you’re planning to treat yourself – or someone else, for that matter – this Christmas season. holidays.

Squier Classic Vibe ’60s Jazzmaster Limited-Edition in Daphne Blue

Squier Classic Vibe '60s Jazzmaster

(Image credit: Fender)

Fender Player Stratocaster HSS Plus Top Maple Fingerboard Limited Edition in Sienna Sunburst

Fender Stratocaster

(Image credit: Fender)

Gibson Les Paul Studio Limited Edition Manhattan Midnight

Gibson Les Paul Studio

(Image credit: Gibson)

Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster

Fender Acoustasonic Telecaster

(Image credit: Fender)

Gibson L-00 Standard Acoustic-Electric

Gibson L-00 acoustic

(Image credit: Gibson)

Boss Limited Edition Katana KTN-100 MkII 100W 1×12 Guitar Combo Amplifier White

Boss Katana-100 MkII

(Image credit: boss)

Mesa Boogie Mark Five: 35 1×12 “35/25 / 10W Tube Guitar Combo Amp Black

Mesa Boogie Mark Five

(Image credit: Mesa Boogie)

Fender Tone Master Super Reverb 45W 4×10 Guitar Combo Amp Black and Silver

Fender Tone Master Super Reverb

(Image credit: Fender)

ProCo Rat2 Distortion Effects Pedal Set with Cable, Power Supply, Picks

ProCo Rat 2 Pack

(Image credit: ProCo)

DL4 Line 6 Delay

Line 6 DL4

(Image credit: line 6)

Power supply Ernie Ball Volt

Ernie Ball Volt

(Image credit: Ernie Ball)

Capo Ax Ernie Ball

Capo Ernie Ball Axis

(Image credit: Ernie Ball)

All of the above, and much more, is available at Guitar Center.

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