The jagged, blackened and dramatic of the Oregon coast in Yachats


The jagged, blackened and dramatic chaos of the Oregon coast in Yachats

Posted 11/21/21 8:04 PM PST
By Oregon Coast Beach Connection Staff

(Yachats, Oregon) – About halfway between Florence and Newport on the central Oregon coast, a small town offers spectacular views in endless abundance. Its beaches are mostly made up of rocky patches and shelves, jagged and sharp in many places, with crevices and vents, all interspersed with tiny sandy beaches made up of coarse coarse grains.

At the back of the “town center” is the large beach access, with a huge parking lot and a few concrete spots near the surf – perfect for a picnic by the raging seaside of this extraordinary region. This famous and even infamous Oregon Coast spot is known for its dangers as much as its mind-boggling drama. As if to prove the point, there is a set of concrete steps here that are shattered and jagged, a reminder of what the waves can do.

A second set of steps were built to the side and with a slightly different approach, making it a bit more resilient to the worst the Oregon coast can do.

The street follows the shore for several blocks, sometimes with a bench on a breathtaking perch or beach access difficult to find.

If you decide to wander the city, shop in the trendy boutiques of 101 or visit attractions like the Bay or Little Log Church, located on Third Street. On the bay itself, walk along the road to the main entrance to the Yachats State Recreation Area and you’ll find a secret staircase that descends rather gracefully, somewhat resembling something Tolkien.

Further north you will come across Smelt Sands and the mile-and-a-half-mile 804 trail where a gushing horn can greet you as well as the periodic gaping hole in the rocks, which sometimes has aquatic surprises in store for you. Or they give you a curious glimpse of the coarse sands under the rocks here, if the tide is low enough.

Keep walking to the end of the trail and you’ll encounter a real radical change at Yachats: where this part of the Oregon coast goes from a sandy beach to a crisp rock structure. At this northern end is a geological curiosity: this area is made up of a rock softer than the basalt of which most of the Yachats are made.

At the southern end of the Yachats, on the other side of the bay, don’t be surprised to be surprised. The road turns around and you encounter yet another vent.

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