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Rogan reads the track BeachGrit in his wonderful baritone, twisting and twisting it like he would a chicken’s neck.

Incredibly popular podcaster and rare voice from the center, Joe Rogan, referenced “bad surf dog”BeachGrit in an interview with Shane Dorian, a big wave surfer and former Hollywood top man.

BeachGrit was brought into play during a back-and-forth about a Great White shark attack at Dorian’s house, Banyans, a few weeks ago. Rogan reads the generally moderate BeachGrit title in his wonderful baritone, twisting and twisting it like he would a chicken’s neck.

There were a few skeptics at the time, with one reader claiming it was too shallow for a white man, known more for his rocket-like shots issuing from ink depths, than for girdling surfers on reefs until to the size.

“It is assumed that the Banyan shark incident was a black tip reef shark that had been seen acting aggressively over the past week,” one wrote to BeachGrit. “He grabbed him by the arm and pulled him under and when he pulled him under he whipped him and hit him in the face with his tail. He broke his nose and jaw and broke his teeth. The fireman said he had a nasty cut on his arm and that he will have a good scar but that’s about the extent of it… The kid said it was a white shark but all those who were around said no, and the firefighters who responded said no. They also said if you rewind the surf cam you can see it happening.

On Rogan, Dorian dispels opponents and describes the event.

“My wife was talking to the girl next to him, the shark comes up, nails him, takes him underwater and she’s setting there, fuck shit, this guy is dead, and, damn it, she thought she was dead too… the shark was moving insanely slowly like a big slow submarine. And that huge shark tank is in four feet of water.

“… and I just sucked it under the water,” Rogan says.

“It didn’t suck him up, man,” hue Dorian, “It grabbed his arm with its jaws and pulled him down… And that girl, her plank went off, blood gushed like crazy , bleeding blood, she’s on her board paddling like crazy, he swam under her board and stood under her board and she tried to paddle to the beach. She took off her leash and took it on. wrapped very tightly around his arm like a tourniquet. On the way, another guy swam in and added another tourniquet. It saved his life.

Dorian adds that the surfer is still in intensive care, his arm “horribly shredded, lost the function of some of his fingers”.

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