Two-time world champion Tyler Wright shocks, brutally depresses fans by announcing she will miss upcoming Rio Pro transit visa issues due to transit visa issues: “Absolutely gutted…absorb this and we keep going. ‘to advance.”

“The violent rhetoric about a surfing event is incredibly stupid…and no one is doing anything to address the gravity of the situation.”

Isn’t it crazy old world when a man is threatened with extinction for winning a surfing contest?

Yeah, yeah, I know, sportsmen and girls have been getting death threats for years, some even played against footballers, boxers, etc., but our cute little sport? The dance of kings and queens?

A little recap.

Brazilian surf fans went wild after Griffin Colapinto’s victory over Filipe Toledo at Surf City El Salvador Pro claiming the fix was for the gringo, a white conspiracy and so on, the hashtag, #worldshameleague a viral hit.

Even Filipe Toledo’s dad is on board: “We really hope that something will happen, and that it will change, because it becomes unbearable to see and hear what we hear. during events, I am embarrassed for others.

And, yesterday, after watching the pile-on, Griff’s mum, Camille, begged Latin surf fans to find some perspective.

“It’s a surfing contest. It is meant to entertain. But threats to the well-being of judges, to you, to other @wsl members should not be tolerated. And for others in high-level positions to post and add fuel to the fire, well, that’s just irresponsible. Can we remember how blessed these surfers are, please? Look around you. There is a war, homelessness, people: starving children, and your victory motivates people to take to the streets? Do we live in the same universe? Wow! Unbelievable.”

Now, in the comments below the line, Camille Colapinto has put some meat on the bone, so to speak, detailing how wild the threats are getting.

“Something tells me I shouldn’t come here and comment and add to the mess that I’ve probably made worse. But, my comment was not intended to defend Griffin’s victory. I don’t care if people think he didn’t deserve; but not in a “let them eat cake” way. What I meant was that violent rhetoric about a surfing event is incredibly stupid.

“What I meant was that winning doesn’t matter, it shouldn’t matter, at least it doesn’t matter so much people want to get violent. BTW Griffin receives violent and gruesome death threats and no one does anything to remedy the seriousness of the situation.

“Am I hysterical? Am I unbalanced? Yeah, probably, but I’m not going to apologize for causing hell. If I’m embarrassing Griffin, it’s definitely not the first time, I guess he’s gotten used to it. As most know by now, he got none of his thrill from my DNA. I’m not cold, I’ve never been cold, and I don’t mind letting people know if I’m unhappy with something.

“If people still think his post comment was ego driven, take a look at his stuff…did anyone even know Griffin and Crosby had a mom? I am busy with my own work/life. My comment was motivated by a mixture of intense fear and anger.

“Unfortunately, I wish I had been as scared yesterday as I was today because I would never have commented. I hope you never have to know what it is to fear for the safety of your child so much that you have to vomit.

The Oi Rio Pro starts in two days.

Do you think the security will be tightened?

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