Under Deck Chef Ben describes Chef Rachel as “a handful” and “I like her”

Chef Ben Robinson may have gotten a little competitive when he met Chef Rachel Hargrove from Under the bridge, but he recently shared that he appreciates her and thinks she’s a talented chef.

Former stew chef Kate Chastain told Showbiz Cheat Sheet how Hargrove and Robinson immediately started talking shop when she introduced them. “I introduced them after working with Ben on the first season [of Below Deck]! “she recounted. And then joked that introducing them was a” big mistake “on her part.

Chef Ben says Chef Rachel is ‘a handful’ but describes her as a talented chef

Robinson offered his opinion on Hargrove, sharing that he only had respect for her. “I actually know Rachel a little bit,” he said recently on the The Reality of Life with Kate Casey Podcast. “She’s a handful. I appreciate it. I mean, I know how stressful this job is. Robinson added, “I have nothing bad to say about it. She is under a lot of stress. And I think she’s a pretty talented chef, to be honest.

Chief Ben Robinson of Under the bridge prepares a meal for charter guests | Virginia Sherwood / Bravo / NBCU Photo Bank

Chastain described to Showbiz Cheat Sheet how Robinson and Hargrove first met. “Rachel was here, so I came to see Rachel,” she said. “I was like we were going to see my friend Ben. Big mistake on my part. It was as if I was evaporating. I was no longer there and it was like witnessing a confrontation. Like, “Oh, do you do molecular gastronomy or gastric molecular gastronomy?” I do that.’ I’m like ‘You two are really good!’ It’s like musicians, you know? As if one isn’t necessarily better than the other. It’s just different styles of music.

Do the chefs get along well?

Chastain said that while they were a bit competitive in this meeting, she thinks they really like each other.

“Like they both play different types of music and are both extremely talented,” she said. Adding: “Well, they get along but it’s an intense rivalry. As they can joke, they can laugh. And I think they appreciate the competitiveness.

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Chastain is also a huge fan of Hargrove food. “I’ve said it before and I stand by it, chefs’ temperaments and personalities are as fragrant as the dishes they create,” she said. “Rachel’s food is incredibly intense.”

What Chef Ben is fed up with cooking for guests?

Speaking of intense, Robinson told podcast host Kate Casey what he found boring or overplayed about charter guest dinners. “The surf and the turf are so overplayed,” he replied. “But you can do like the lamb and the scallops or you can play with it. Obviously, if you are adventurous and can do anything.

“But yeah, that country club filet mignon with poached lobster tail is like …” he continued. “It’s just that everyone is doing it! And everyone has been doing it for 30 years! Or 40 years old.

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Robinson also confirmed that he was probably too old to return to the series. But to say that coming to cook a meal or even come as a relief chef is not totally irrelevant. But added that at his age, sharing a cabin isn’t really in the cards.

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