Vans Triple Crown of Surf (Explained)

It is not rocket science. “Alright, alright … it’s a little different. The Vans Triple Crown of Surfing, that is. Of course, we’ve announced this before, and just like the hugely successful last year, you probably understand that it’s a digital thing by now. But in case you still have questions – and, yes, there are new (a little sicker) tweaks to the format – we’ve got answers.

VTCS Quick Update: From December 21 to January 21, 125 eligible male and female competitors will submit images of their top two courses from each of the three Triple Crown locations (Haleiwa, Sunset and Pipe) for a total of six waves. At least 40% of the total places will be allocated to residents of Hawaii (25 men and 25 women). This year, however, one of those six waves must be ridden on a “progressive” boat. (We’ll get to that in a second.)

The winners (men AND women) will receive $ 50,000 and an invitation to the Pipe Masters 2022. There are also prizes for the best clips on each of the sites, with the clips judged by the most fan votes, with a prize for them. videographers of the winning surfers as well.

“It was one of my favorite formats for competitive surfing. It allowed a lot more freedom, and you really aim for it with every wave, ”said John John Florence, who won his fourth Vans Triple Crown Championship title last year. Photo: Jérémie Klein

Wait, that Haleiwa contest that John John just won wasn’t part of the Vans Triple Crown? No, it was a WSL Challenger event. And the upcoming CT events at Pipe and Sunset (Billabong Pro Pipeline in January and Sunset comp in February) aren’t in the Triple Crown either.

Now let’s move on to the novelties to note. (More details HERE)

What is this progressive crafting thing, again? One of the six official submissions MUST be a wave on a “progressive” trade. Or, “alternative” if that helps you imagine it. Basically progressive craft is any surfboard that is NOT a propellant or traditional quad surfboard form. No, not a Hypto Krypto, more like an asymmetrical or mid-length single-fin… something different, hand-shaped, and it would be extremely difficult to pull a full-spinning tune out. (Please see the Assessment Criteria section for more details.)

Do videographers have dough? Yes, the videographers of the male and female champions will each win $ 10,000.

“It’s a coveted title to be a Hawaiian and showcase your skills on some of the most powerful waves in the world, especially in our backyard.” Carissa Moore. Photo: Scott Sullivan

There are also weekly Vans Crown Clips prizes… Each week, for four weeks, a man and woman will each receive a bonus prize of a $ 500 gift certificate at a local North Shore restaurant.

Anyway… After uploading your video, you will be able to upload a formatted version of the clip to social media within minutes to promote fan voting within specified fan voting dates and times. Using the clip provided will increase your exposure.

A Vans Crown Clips entry can also be used as one of your top six overall outings listed in the Vans Triple Crown.

Fan Voting Can Get You Pay: The male and female contestants who receive the most fan votes will each receive $ 1,500.

The brand new Vans Triple Crown of Surf starts 12/21, so tune in for the delicious goodness of the Côte-Nord!

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