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It will be the biggest surf party of the year, as Noosa celebrates the start of summer and the end of another successful year of managing the 10th World Surf Reserve.

Surrounded by the history of the surfboard in the incredible new Noosa Surf Museum, a packed house of surfers and their families should fill up with Apple Pip Catering’s street food dinner, as well as a full bar, watch raw footage of local shredders on the big screen, not to mention a surf auction and surfboard raffle, then spend the night to the salty sound of The SandFlys, and later a DJ.

It’ll be about as much fun as it gets on your feet, but there’s a serious purpose behind the tatting as well. In 2021, the Noosa World Surfing Reserve created a surf code for all ages designed to promote safety and good behavior in surfing, a program currently being introduced in schools and surf schools, as well as through signage on the beach and the campaigns on social networks. In addition, the NWSR has worked closely with Noosa Heads Surf Club and BCR Medical to install Defibrillators (AEDs) at safe intervals throughout the World Surfing Reserve, and are now working on the installation of lifebuoys (tubes of rescue) at strategic positions close to our surf spots.

It all costs money, so the Summer Party will be a fundraiser, but on top of that, the NWSR Stewardship Council decided it was time to recognize surfers who give back. Newly elected NWSR President Kirra Molnar said, “Noosa became the tenth World Surfing Reserve in 2020, covering the world-class point and beaches from the mouth of the river to North Sunshine Beach. Our motto of Share. The respect. To preserve. summarizes NWSR’s goal of preserving surf areas and their surrounding environments and, by recognizing and protecting key environmental, cultural, economic and community attributes, to ensure they are there for future generations.

“There are many people who contribute to these goals within the local community, and the NWSR Stewardship Council would like to publicly recognize these wonderful contributions at the annual NWSR Awards on Saturday November 27th.

Awards will be given for environmental contribution, industrial innovation, cultural contribution, videographer, photographer, community surfer of the year (junior and senior male and female awards) and the NWSR Prestige award for extraordinary achievement ( in memory of Bill Wallace).

Nomination forms for the awards can be downloaded from noosaworldsurfingreserve.com.au and emailed to [email protected]

Discounted Early Bird tickets are available until November 12 at noosaworldsurfingreserve.com.au/product/nwsr-awards-night-summer-party-2021

Connor is fighting

Australian WSL fighter Connor O’Leary’s heroic victory over Michel Bourez in the Quiksilver Pro France Challenger Series event last week finally gives him a chance to requalify for the 2022 World Championships Tour.

This is by no means a done deal, with the big clumsy now in sixth place tied with two others. Only 12 men and six women can qualify through the series, but with current leader Kanoa Igarashi doubly qualified, there is a bit more leeway. For a return to the tour he caused a sensation on in his rookie year in 2017, Connor will need a solid performance next month at the last of the Challenger events in Hawaii, with fellow Australians Liam O’Brien, Jackson. Baker and Jordan Lawler all outside odds hovering around the cut-off line.

In the men’s final at Hossegor, a tight first half of the heat saw O’Leary and Bourez trade similar scores on the right and left with only a slight advantage over the Australian, but Connor pushed the Tahitian’s demand for a a little higher with a good little one on the left, it punctuated with pure air halfway through the heat. Unfortunately for Bourez, the rights that gave him his best scores so far were gone, and the lefts clearly favored O’Leary’s forehand attack and aerial play. As time passed, Bourez couldn’t find the right wave and O’Leary walked away with the win.

“I feel amazing, it’s been a huge day,” O’Leary told the WSL interviewer. “I’m literally on top of the world right now and I’m having cramps, can’t wait for a beer! I’m really going to enjoy the afternoon with the guys, and try to continue and end the year strong!

After a rocky start in previous Challengers in California and Portugal, the Australian Cronulla needed something big in France and delivered his first major victory since Ballito in 2016.

In the women’s competition, the courageous second place of Australia’s India Robinson in France gives her a chance to qualify, now that she is in fourth place in the standings. Costa Rico’s Brisa Hennessy secured her qualification with a solid victory over India in the final.

The final challenge of the Challenger Series will start in Haleiwa from November 26.

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