What happens when a rock star proposes on stage?

Take June Carter Cash’s ambivalence towards her own on-stage engagement – ​​the less gothic predecessor to Mr. White and Mrs. Jean’s nuptials. In 1968, Johnny Cash proposed to Ms. Carter in front of a crowd of 7,000 people in London, Ontario. Asked about the engagement 13 years later, in a 1981 joint interview on the “Mike Douglas Show”, Ms Cash said: “You’re not going to tell me that again!”

Ms Jean has yet to tire of her own engagement story, but she said that long before Mr White placed the scarab ring on her finger, she was a musician with her own work and her own fans. She performed with the group the Black Belles from 2009 to 2012, then released two solo albums, “Bathtub Love Killings”, in 2014, and “Night Owl”, in 2019. During the pandemic, she began working on a third album, which is largely complete, but likely won’t be released until 2023 due to a vinyl shortage.

Ms. Jean’s music is loud and muscular, a distinctly American combination of brash garage rock and boppy surf music. It’s music to listen to while slathering lipstick in the rearview mirror of a convertible, or fantasizing about smashing an ex’s TV with a baseball bat.

What she writes best, she says, is “frustration, stress and anger”, although she insists that in reality she is really very happy. “I live a pretty easy and happy life,” she said with a smile. “That seems like the only thing that inspires me is to write about sassy emotions.”

Marriage, however, changed things. There is a successful musician, then a successful musician whose spontaneous marriage to a well-known rock star made headlines around the world.

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