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What to consider when retiring to the Gold Coast

Retiring in the tropical north may seem like a dream to many of us, but the fact is that Queensland actually has some of the most ideal places for Australian retirees after they leave the workforce.

From Cairns and Port Douglas, to Brisbane CBD and the Sunshine Coast, there are plenty of idyllic Queensland locations for Australian seniors to choose from. But what if you want to move to the Gold Coast?

With the availability of Gold Coast retirement villages and the development of senior-friendly transport and civil infrastructure alongside the region’s vibrant coastal lifestyle, the Gold Coast is one of the most popular retirement destinations for Australian seniors across the country. Today we’ll explore everything seniors should consider when considering retirement in this top coastal destination. Read on to help you plan your own retirement plans.

Location and community

The first thing you should consider when considering retirement on the Gold Coast is your accommodation. For seniors, we highly recommend researching Gold Coast retirement villages to ensure you can find modern residences that fit your budget.

Choosing to buy a property in a retirement village is just as beneficial for maintaining a sense of community during your retirement years as it is for living comfortably and within your means. Retirement Villages come with their own community of like-minded individuals, ensuring that older people moving to Queensland from another state do not find themselves immediately isolated upon arrival.

If you don’t have friends or family in Queensland, you should definitely take full advantage of your retirement village’s social calendar and attend community events to get to know all of your new neighbours. After all, making new friends is one of the most enjoyable parts of retirement!

Leisure and tourist attractions

Living on the Gold Coast naturally means being able to enjoy some of Australia’s best surfing, some of the most iconic beaches and maybe even a roller coaster or two at some of the area’s major theme parks.

There’s certainly a lot to expect in terms of leisure when you retire to the Gold Coast, but even so it’s a good idea to do some research before you move to ensure you have easy access to all of them. the activities and attractions with which you would more than anything fill your days.

If you’re looking for senior-friendly attractions and activities, you’ll be pleased to know that the local Gold Coast Council offers a variety of programs and activities for retirees, including community clubs operating out of libraries across the Gold Coast, as well as gym classes. in recreation centers.

Consider these community activities alongside all the other great attractions in the area to ensure your new Gold Coast home is in the perfect position to access all of your favorite leisure spots.

Health and accessibility

Health is naturally going to be a constant concern for older people, so it is advisable to research the nearest health facilities to your Gold Coast residence before you move. This becomes especially important if you have special health care needs that require specialist clinics and medical professionals.

Seniors looking to move into a retirement village may find that their needs are met locally, as many retirement communities have their own health center as well as shopping malls and other small community amenities and facilities.

If you need to make an appointment with a specialist clinic outside your retirement village, you should check with your retirement village provider on how best to access these facilities. It is common for villages to provide shuttle services to nearby town centers so retirees can retain access to outside amenities and services, including health facilities.

Along with the transport options provided by your retirement village, seniors are also strongly encouraged to look into the public transport network surrounding their Gold Coast residence.

Fortunately, with train services running directly to Brisbane’s CBD and surrounding suburbs as well as a strong bus network and even ferry services between popular destinations, accessibility to the Gold Coast is quite extensive and suitable for the elderly.

Climate Considerations

If you are moving to the Gold Coast from Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales or Tasmania, you should be prepared for a small weather shock, as Queensland’s climate is a little warmer and tropical than the temperate climate along Melbourne’s south and southeast coast.

Even during the winter months, Gold Coasters are used to expecting mild temperatures and higher humidity than you would expect in the south. This has resulted in the winter period being referred to as the “dry season”, with summer and its tropical rains being the region’s “wet season”.

If you are not used to tropical or subtropical climates, chances are you should familiarize yourself with the Gold Coast climate. A great way to lessen the weather shock that will likely accompany your move is to time your arrival between May and September, when the weather will be cooler.

It can also be worth evaluating your wardrobe and investing in a few summer basics while getting rid of thicker winter outerwear. You won’t have much use for the down coats you may have needed when you lived in Melbourne or Sydney!

Holidays and peak travel season

Finally, it’s worth noting that as the Gold Coast is one of Australia’s top tourist destinations, retirees should expect a higher density of people during the holiday season and other peak periods.

The advantage of living on the Gold Coast is that you can enjoy all the natural and cultural attractions this region has to offer all year round without having to worry too much about the crowds. If you don’t like being in densely populated areas, however, it might be worth setting up a holiday season plan for yourself when the tourists start pouring in.

For example, you can choose to travel interstate or even overseas during the summer holidays to take a vacation after your eternal stay in the Gold Coast! You can even invite family and friends on your trip and turn this crowd-beating vacation plan into an opportunity to spend some quality time with all the people you love the most.

That being said, it’s likely the grandchildren will jump at the chance to come and visit you on the Gold Coast too, which is good as it’s likely to be a lot of fun. There’s nothing better than enjoying all the fun activities that can be found on the Gold Coast with enthusiastic children.

Just make sure your loved ones book their tickets and accommodation well in advance, as accommodation on the Gold Coast is likely to be full as the Christmas season approaches.

With the area’s abundance of attractions, villages and senior residences, and its extensive public transport network, retiring on the Gold Coast is actually quite a simplistic feat.

And if you consider all of the points outlined above, you should be well on your way to creating a solid retirement plan that will provide you and your loved ones with plenty of golden sun and sand in your golden years.

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