Where to grab a coffee in La Union surftown

The tourist hotspot is filled with small cafes and specialty coffee shops

MANILA, Philippines – If you’re craving a caffeine fix, perhaps the best place you can find yourself is the surf town of La Union, with its thriving coffee culture.

The La Union surf strip is dotted with little cafes and specialty coffee shops – all run by people who will brew you a cup of coffee with love, care and a little something extra you just can’t get for a large chain of cafes.

Between sightseeing, surfing and sunbathing in La Union, check out these places where you can relax and enjoy a cup of hot (or iced) coffee:

The union
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At this point, it almost seems redundant to include El Union in this list. One of the first establishments to settle in Surftown, this cafe is now a mainstay on La Union’s to-do lists and serves as the backdrop for many of Elyu’s travelgrams. Located at the Great Northwest Travel Stop in Urbiztondo, it serves coffee drinks made from freshly roasted beans sourced from farmers across the Philippines. This writer recommends trying the Dirty Horchata – creamy rice milk zhuzhed with a shot of espresso.

Little Cat Cafe
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Serving coffee from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Little Cat is the best place to grab your midday pick-me-up. Sharing a space with Indonesian restaurant Little Canggu, it serves freshly brewed coffee that you can enjoy with a great view of the sea. Try one of the drinks topped with nitro foam, which literally adds another layer of creaminess to your coffee .

Cafe Balay
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Balay Coffee is an online home cafe that serves delicious, affordable, artisanal coffee drinks. They’re based out of Surftown in San Fernando City, and they don’t have a physical cafe yet, but you can book a delivery service or pick up your orders wherever you are. Balay Coffee also sells coffee concentrate in bottled versions for those who want to take some of its goodness home. Try the Iced Spanish Latte, which has the perfect amount of coffee richness and creamy sweetness.

Coffee Irugi
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Located inside the adorable Burt Select Shop home store in the cozy Ili Norte neighborhood of La Union, Irugi Coffee serves up comfort in a cup — with a heavy dose of caffeine thanks to its roasters, Bodega Coffee. Try its best-selling matcha latte or the mocha, which includes its own chocolate syrup made from local produce. table. It also offers many herbal options. Don’t forget to bring your own cup for a P5 drink discount.

clean beach
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People may come to Clean Beach for its coffee, but they stay for the beachfront seating, which gives you a perfect view of the swell. The menu is all-day dining – in addition to a variety of coffee drinks, Clean Beach also serves pica-pica like nachos and fries, rice dishes and chocolate chip cookies from Kayekeyks. Try the breakfast latte – a creamy latte topped with cereal – or bottled infused milk.

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Newly opened Curo is quickly becoming Surftown’s go-to brunch spot, not only for the food, but also for the airy, remote-work-friendly interiors. Located inside Insta’s famous Curbside Villa, Curo’s cafe is simple and satisfying, best enjoyed with one of the restaurant’s hearty dishes. – Rappler.com

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