Who is “Ryder Jackson” from Home and Away?


The Stewart family

When At home and away started airing in 1988, it mainly revolved around the life of the Fletcher family.

The show has been around for a long time, and most of the original cast and characters have left the show as their careers progressed.

The only remaining characters from the original roster are Alf Stewart and his daughter Roo Stewart – played by Ray meagher and Georgie Parker.

Since 2010, the family and life of Alf Stewart have been the backbone of the series.

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Ryder Jackson’s place in Summer Bay

When Ryder Jackson joined the Summer Bay community in 2017, fans of the show quickly speculated on his motivations and agenda.

On the show, her first appearance was stealing from the surf shop and being caught by VJ and Hunter.

He was then brought to Alf and decided to drop the bomb that he was Alf’s long lost grandson. Apparently, Ryder is the son of Quinn Jackson, Alf’s estranged daughter.

Alf and Roo initially didn’t believe him and it didn’t help his case when Ryder denied giving them Quinn’s number and stole money. once again from Alf.

One of the main goals of Ryder Jackson’s stay in Summer Bay is to rebuild his relationship with his family. We soon learn that Ryder ran away from training camp to look for his grandfather while Quinn was on a cruise.

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One night Alf and Roo saw Ryder have an intense nightmare and Quinn assured them that he had always had them.

Quinn told Alf and Roo that Ryder’s unpredictable sleep pattern had ruined his life. This, in turn, prompted Ryder to come out and steal Alf’s car – sadly bumping into Roo and sending him to the hospital.

Eventually things got better and Quinn agreed to let Ryder stay in Summer Bay, knowing Alf and Roo can give Ryder the care he deserves.

Ryder’s trip to Summer Bay wouldn’t be complete without his love interests, Coco Astoni, Raffy Morrisson and, most recently, Chloe Anderson.

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Getting to know Lukas Radovich

A resident of Faulconbridge, Lukas Radovich acts from high school. Since then he has attended the Australia School for Vocal Performance and has participated in productions of the Blue Mountains Musical Society playing roles in Goodbye Birdie, The sound of music, and Fat.

He also attended WAAPA (Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts) where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Theater – joining the ranks of alumni like Hugh Jackman and Tim Minchin. With an acting background like this, it’s no wonder he landed a role in At home and away!

Lukas also starred in Shakespeare by night – a production of handpicked Shakespeare scenes for a night. “I love playing Shakespeare, so it was obvious for me to apply. The rest of the cast were awesome and I couldn’t wait to see what they came up with. he said enthusiastically.

In addition to acting, Lukas found meaning by launching Your Mouth Collective in 2015. YMC is a collective of artists united by their goal of creating socially relevant work both on screen and on stage. YMC artists are based in Perth, Brisbane and Sydney.

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Highlights on Lukas

How old is Lukas? 26

How tall is Lukas? 188 cm

Where does Lukas live? Sydney’s western interior

Is Lukas single or taken? Lukas has been very deprived of his personal life. At this time, we have no idea who is dating Lukas.

What are Lukas’ hobbies? He hikes every time he gets home to the Blue Mountains.

Has Lukas acted in other TV shows / movies? Yes. Lukas starred in a comedy film titled Night of the chickens.

Does Lukas have an Instagram profile? Yes. Follow him on @ lukas.radovich

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