Wild scenes in Grajagan as Quiksilver Pro, chased by poor swell forecasts, descends into the wild jungle bacchanalia, “Is there still booze in camp?”

“Your whole fan base knows the swell happened before and will happen after the waiting period.”

Whichever way you slice it, it’s still the start of the season in Indonesia.

Late May is pretty good, and it’s a lot better than April, but it’s not mid-July when the deep south brings a million glistening waves.

And Grajagan isn’t the kind of joint that likes leftovers despite what you may have heard.

What was perfect in 1972 when Americans Bill Boyum and Bob Laverty rode motorcycles overland to chase a southpaw to the edge of the jungle in Southeast Java that Bob had seen from an airliner, shows its flaws in the cold light of 2022 where man can manufacture his own perfection, especially without the push of a ground swell of his own.

With waves lucky enough to brush a man’s eyebrows slated for next week, and an eight-hour cycle of the event being “on hold”, returning in three hours, etc., surf fans get a little frustrated.

“Drop the wall of positive @wsl, just let us know when it’s on,” craigysurf86 wrote in response to the latest pending message, summing up what was a pretty universal sentiment before comments were deleted or hidden. “That ‘Waiting’ thing is actually a lot more frustrating, especially since your whole fan base knows the swell happened before and will happen after the waiting period. So unless your next posting either we extended the waiting period, see you all in the 12 or we missed the swell, so we’ll do our best, just stop posting until you decide to run.

Now, if that wait could stretch into the following Wednesday, well, ooowee, six feet plus.

Meanwhile, world champion Tyler Wright has tested the poz for COVID-19 and will spend most of the waiting period in isolation.

“Based on league protocols, Wright should be cleared to compete by Saturday, June 4, 2022. The health and well-being of the athletes, staff, fans and local communities where we compete remain the WSL’s top priority.”

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